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fakti par Ubuntu Christian Edition Čaka Norisa stilā

Te ir visi, ieskatamies dažos labākajos. Manuprāt diezgan rēcīgi.
When Ubuntu Christian Edition successfully detects ALL your hardware, it locates the nearest internet-enabled church and automatically lights a candle for you.

Ubuntu Christian Edition kernel configuration is done through the “make godconfig” command, that generates a perfect .config file. It knows what your hardware needs and which modules you will need in the FUTURE.

After some idle time, Ubuntu Christian Edition starts praying to save the screen.

If you’re talking about a skilled sysadmin that runs Ubuntu Christian Edition, the term B.O.F.H. stays for Blessed Operator From Heaven.

Ubuntu Christian Edition has a special kernel module to handle plug and pray hardware – devices that, after connection, wait that you pray for them before working.

If you uninstall Ubuntu Christian Edition, it will automatically re-install after three days.

In Ubuntu Christian Edition, EOF is replaced by AMEN.

On Ubuntu Christian Edition, the “kill” and “killall” commands only print the “RESPECT THE COMMANDMENTS!” string and log your attempt to syslog.

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