I like the music of Travis, but up until now I wasn’t a huge fan, and didn’t know what they look like, so after sorting through the pictures from the Positivus AB event, I went to wikipedia to have a look at the band’s members.

I was somewhat surprised to see that no photo at all had been added to the wikipedia page of the band’s lead singer Francis Healy. Upon checking the history, I found that the encyclopaedia contributors had had problems with image copyrights, so pictures were regularly being added to and removed from this entry.

Even though my picture was somewhat blurry and rich in dumb noises (the camera isn’t capable of properly working with ISO 400), I decided to try and see if a typical internet user can add his own photo.

After reading the guide, the process was quite simple, so I intend to be doing this in the future as well, should the chance arise.

It is definitely recommended have a good read of the terms of the various licences, because images can also be taken from flickr.com, as long as valid licence terms have been added.

I will soon be done with the remaining blurry Positivus AB pictures, and a short photo summary of the event will be forthcoming.