by Andris Damburs:

Velga Vitola – the so called “Mother of bears” is a unique woman, pride of Latvia. She’s vibrant, fascinating, full of passion and love for animals.

Our paths crossed when we were filming a short clip about her for a TV programme a couple of years ago. We soon realised that Velga is awe inspiring and her story ought to be shared; for a long time we have been trying to figure out a way of how to bring her story to you as we hoped you’d enjoy ‘meeting’ her as much as we did.

With our production budget being $0.00 we couldn’t make a fully pledged documentary, although she most certainly deserves one.

Director : Saiva Luste
Cinematographer : Andris Damburs
(c) LNT,Luste,Damburs
Ligatne Nature Trails :