10 dienas līdz mēs pārvācamies uz Japānu.

Gatavojoties šim trakajam solim esmu uzsūcis milzīgu gūzmu ar informāciju, bet viens no vērtīgākajiem avotiem ir lekciju kurss – Understanding Japan: A Cultural History.

Ja jums interesē ievads Japānas kultūrā un vēsturē, tad šis būs labs sākums. Pēc tam var pētīt un meklēt konkrētāku informāciju, bet šis lekciju kurss sakārtoja un loģiski izskaidroja visus manus Japānas zināšanu robus.

In an exciting partnership with the Smithsonian, The Great Courses presents these 24 lectures that offer an unforgettable tour of Japanese life and culture. Professor Ravina, with the expert collaboration of the Smithsonian’s historians, brings you a grand portrait of Japan.

From the dawn of Confucianism and the Meiji Restoration to World War II and the economic miracle years of 1955 to 1975, you’ll explore landmark periods of Japanese history and learn how broad events and movements introduced, innovated, and revised everything from spirituality to popular entertainment. Along the way you’ll get revealing insights into Shinto (Japan’s indigenous religion), the art of Katsushika Hokusai, literary works like The Tale of Genji and the haiku of Basho, the everyday lives of samurai, the universal appeal of filmmakers like Akira Kurosawa, foods like yakitori and tempura, and so much more.

You’ll come away from Professor Ravina’s final lecture with a stronger sense of the very soul of this one-of-a-kind nation.

Kopumā ir pieejamas 24 lekcijas, katra 30 minūtes gara:

  1. Japan: A Globally Engaged Island Nation
  2. Understanding Japan through Ancient Myths
  3. The Emergence of the Ritsuryo State
  4. Aspects of the Japanese Language
  5. Early Japanese Buddhism
  6. Heian Court Culture
  7. The Rise of the Samurai
  8. Pure Land Buddhism and Zen Buddhism
  9. Samurai Culture in the Ashikaga Period
  10. Japan at Home and Abroad, 1300 – 1600
  11. Japan’s Isolation in the Tokugawa Period
  12. Japanese Theater: Noh and Kabuki
  13. The Importance of Japanese Gardens
  14. The Meaning of Bushido in a Time of Peace
  15. Japanese Poetry: The Road to Haiku
  16. Hokusai and the Art of Wood-Block Prints
  17. The Meiji Restoration
  18. Three Visions of Prewar Japan
  19. War without a Master Plan: Japan, 1931 – 1945
  20. Japanese Family Life
  21. Japanese Foodways
  22. Japan’s Economic Miracle
  23. Kurosawa and Ozu: Two Giants of Film
  24. The Making of Contemporary Japan

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